In the Primary department, each term the contents of different areas are related to a central or globalized topic. During this school year, the topics for example, are sequenced as follows: in the first term, the central topic will be a scientific –based topic, where each year group concentrates on a different ecosystem. In the second term the central topic will be an historic- based theme and each year group centres on a specific historic period. In the third term the central topic will be a literary one and each year group will be responsible for a specific literary genre.

During one session per week, students prepare and plan a project which is related to the themes from the term’s central topic. This allows pupils flexibility to follow their own interests and skills.

Students can research information using multiple resources. They are the protagonists and managers who choose their topics, the contents and the form of presentation of their project. The project will be connected to the term’s central topic and attempts to include aspects from all subject areas. The form teacher is responsible for encouraging students to find answers independently and stimulate discussion through open-ended questions that facilitate creative thinking.