The same as in the Infant department, this way of working is also used in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades of the primary department. We dedicate three sessions a week to work in activity corners. Students have a range of activities to choose from; mathematics, Spanish language, English language, science and art – each activity is planned to last for one or two weeks. There are also ‘relax’ corners where children can read quietly or carry out quiet activities, there is also a ‘symbolic play-corner’, a fundamental area where children can express their feelings and develop creative thinking.

Our aim is for students to be independent and responsible, able to manage their time and complete all activities at their own pace. Each child is free to dedicate the time that they consider necessary to research, work and enjoy the materials in each activity corner. We include a wide range of resources designed by teachers, as well as various educational games and books which enhance our students’ learning.