During the early years, our students work on spelling through songs and pictogram- drawings, later they develop their visual memory, all supported by iPad applications. In addition to the HBS Reading Project, students are able to improve their reading comprehension, attention and visual skills, expand vocabulary, improve syntax and reading with our ‘Effective Reading’ project.

In 1st grade pupils begin with the “my writer’s book” project; we intend pupils from this early age to be able to write meaningfully and experience the pleasure of writing. Initially, students write their draft copies, then, with the help of the teacher, they try to improve their texts, these are rewritten, illustrated and then incorporated into their writer’s book. The final copies are then exhibited and discussed in class. With such projects as “Poetry”, “The Art of the Comic Writing”, “Tongue twisters” and “We are Journalists”, we are able to provide greater opportunities for literary creativity, also supported by information and communication technology resources.