A. Personalised: the pupil is at the core of the whole teaching-learning process and must be respected and responded to properly in his or her personal and educational needs, while taking into consideration previously-acquired knowledge and skills.

B. Participatory: working as a team, students can achieve their learning objectives both individually and by sharing their goals. In this way they take responsibility for their own development, as well as that of the other members of the team. The teacher takes on the role of leader, helping pupils to move forward and guide the learning process, without forgetting that the students are the protagonists at all times.

C. Critical -constructive: from a global and open –minded view of the surrounding world, students develop a critical, creative spirit of intellectual curiosity.

D. Socio-emotional: by developing their emotional intelligence, students are able to identify and manage emotions; their own and those of others, thus facilitating the development of an adequate affective environment.