On a daily basis we are constantly developing one project after another, previously planned, coordinated and subsequently evaluated. For this reason the characteristic way of working in Nursery (1 and 2 year olds) is Project Based Learning (P.B.L.) in a globalised project context.

We develop the whole infant curriculum using our pupils’ interests as the starting point, from a perspective based on their curiosity, their will to learn, to discover and above all, using all their motivation towards learning. In this way, we generate real and significant learning experiences and cover the whole curriculum throughout the two cycles of Infants, and our pupils also obtain knowledge and skills in many other areas such as Space, Ecology, the Environment, Geography, History etc.

In Nursery & Infants at HBS the different areas of knowledge and understanding are covered in an interdisciplinary and transversal way. By using project based learning as a base and the classroom organised in activity corners, our termly topics encompass all the curricular and extra-curricular content of each year group in the aforementioned projects, in English as well as in Spanish.