In Nursery 1, daily activities are developed which the pupils can relate to through stories and songs. In this way they become used to a second language and build their phonetic and phonological bases in the English.
With the aim of promoting a natural bilingual environment in the school, from the age of 2, the Nursery pupils experience authentic English language immersion. The two year old pupils carry out 60% of the day in English through 32,5 teaching hours per week.

Our international teaching staff stands out. There are numerous nationalities in the school, giving it a multicultural atmosphere, which prepares the Humanitas Pupils for their future.

All the staff teach the different areas in English following the objectives, communicating with the pupils at all times in this language.

In Nursery 2 all the projects and areas of understanding and knowledge are developed in parallel in Spanish and English with the same objectives and topics.

In Nursery & Infants the objectives are to:
• Establish the foundations of the bilingual nature of the school.
• Create more opportunities to speak in English.
• Widen the pupils’ English vocabulary.

Opportunities to speak in English are continuously encouraged.
Our pupils have good comprehension levels but need continual exposure to English in order to create opportunities to express themselves in a second language and improve their speaking skills. The children have a high level of technical and specialist vocabulary thanks to their topic work in projects, but we are also aware of the need to encourage their everyday language.