The School is aware that each student should be the key element in his or her learning. During this stage (1 to 6 years) the early stimulation of different intelligences is absolutely essential to understanding the basis of neurological, emotional and social development of children, enabling them to progress in all aspects. The well-being of the students and their happiness are our prime objectives. At this stage, we introduce the child to the initial stages of literacy, creative thinking, mathematical- logical learning, psychomotor development and personal autonomy. At the age of 2 years, the pupils start to learn aspects of the English language; 60% of the day is dedicated to activities in English; the base for the process of immersion into the language that is later developed during the primary years. And from 3 years onwards, students also begin to acquire knowledge of Mandarin Chinese, as a second foreign language.

All this takes place in a physical environment, exclusive for children of this age group, allowing staff to properly address their needs, with different areas and timetables to those of the older pupils.

And all of this, using innovative methodologies, our own projects and didactic and pedagogical resources in classrooms which are all equipped with I-pads and interactive digital whiteboards.