The use of the Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs is programmed in Secondary Education for the students to carry out different projects and tasks that are central for their curriculum.

The use of labs includes two types of learning. On one hand, projects that revolve around the scientific method in order to learn from experience and to allow the students to formulate hypothesis, obtain results and reach their own conclusions, stating their own theorems that they then compare and analyse. On the other hand, labs are used to work on a practical level on the contents learned in class.

Students work on the practical concepts of the subjects in groups of 2-4. They learn through experience about the scientific subjects (mainly Biology, Geology, Physics and Chemistry). On each practical session the students work according to a script that they have prepared beforehand with the teacher of the subject. The script includes the following points: objective, materials, assembly and procedure. By the end of the project, a lab report including the results and conclusions is made.