All the technological resources in school are used as a complement for the methodologies that we carry out on the different subjects. They are used for working on projects, cooperative work and challenge-based learning. Secondary students work with computers and tablets. The use of mobile devices allows for greater flexibility in the school and increases motivation on our pupils, favoring a personalized learning. This resource proves beneficial for all students, both for those with special needs and the ones who demand greater challenges.

Students work with the ‘Campus Humanitas’ Moodle platform, our own virtual campus, where all educational resources are gathered to enhance the learning process.

This learning platform is an important tool to complement the education of our students at school. This campus allows teachers to create a virtual course with diverse goals and purposes:

  • As a gallery of educational contents, providing students with notes, documentation, resources…
  • As a meeting point for students, not just for following the course of the subject but also for debating. It also provides a safe and protected social network, thanks to the use of forums, chat, mail and messaging.
  • As a working space in which students can access, in addition to the aforementioned resources and documentation, their tasks and homework.
  • As a space for collaborative work, since Moodle offer the possibility to create and organize working groups.

Moreover, all the applications in use are tested by the ICT department and divided in various blocks (Arts, Music, Creation, Video, Comic-books, Science, Image, Augmented Reality, Presentations and Audio).

Overall, it’s all about using technology to keep the students motivated with more entertaining subjects, increasing the interest of students and teachers towards project-based learning, increasing interaction and cooperation in projects, promoting creativity and a good use of technology. To do so, applications are reviewed and updated according to the needs of the different projects and activities.