Bachillerato (Sixth Form)

Humanitas pupils in secondary education are integrated in a community, in which EVERYONE, teachers and students, learn.

Despite being a stage which is fundamentally formative by character, on a daily basis we strive to encourage our students to become leaders capable of achieving skills to think and act differently, respectfully, from an informed and critical perspective.

We are fully aware that our students, while in sixth form are going to take important decisions regarding their future, since qualifications obtained during these two years will be decisive. That is why our project is aimed at obtaining an excellent degree of academic and personal preparation.

Students are offered the type of programmes and schedules that allow them to access any university degree, without exception. Also, and as a culmination to the linguistic project, students may submit to the ACE exam (Advanced Certificate in English) from the University of Cambridge. In addition to this, along with German/ French, Mandarin Chinese is also established as a complementary subject in Sixth Form, providing students with the opportunity to access the official YCT-HSK award, issued by Hanban, the official Chinese Examination Board. This will help the students to gain international recognition of their language skills before leaving school.

All these aspects are complemented by a complete and detailed tutorial Action Plan supported by the school’s own system, designed for each and every one of our students.