The Dining Room

With its unbeatable facilities, the school offers this service which includes a balanced and healthy diet for our students.

  • We have our own kitchens and professional staff.
  • Suppliers are selected meticulously and are required to provide products of the maximum quality.
  • Our healthy and well-balanced menus are supervised by expert nutritionists.
  • All activities in this area are carried out to comply with all the required hygienic and sanitary legislation. They fulfill the auto-control system- HACCP, and are audited monthly by external companies following the food safety regulations under the supervision of the external health authorities.
  • Students are attended to at all times by the teachers. The staff invigilates to ensure that the different lunch rotas are carried out correctly and that students are properly taken care of; that suitable table manners are followed, as this forms part of the education we provide for our students.
  • Special allergy menus are provided when required by medical prescription.
  • Suggested menus for evening meals are provided, to facilitate the preparation of a well-balanced daily diet.
  • Afternoon snacks are provided for students from the ages of 1 to 5 years.

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